Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Barb is 47 Today

Fair thinking readers—this is your blog host’s lesser half, Barb’s DH. She has allowed me to hijack “I was just thinking” for one post- the one about her. Now, though some of you know Barb, none of you know Barb like I know Barb. She may be your Hot Mama on Mondays, but she’s been mine for almost 18 yrs now. Do let me indulge you…

Barb and I met, 20 yrs ago next month. I was a freshly minted university graduate when I walked into the fellowship hall of my church in Wichita, KS, and had my world turned upside down upon locking eyes on one Ms. Barbara Kaidasz. I swear, when I saw her- I had the oddest sensation of familiarity. I was too obtuse at the time to know it, but I was sensing my soulmate.

I was there to join Barb and three others for a four month tour of the west coast- speaking to Christian groups on various college campuses regarding the needs of the least evangelized peoples of the world. Barb was waiting for her visa to move to Pakistan, so that she might work with women in Afghan refugee camps in and around Peshawar. Did I mention she is one of the most courageous and servant-hearted people I know? Did I also mention she was the only one who voted not to have me join that team, because “I would take up too much room in the van.” The good Lord over-ruled her shortsightedness, I joined the team, and have been cluttering up her life ever since.

But back to Barb. Everywhere we’ve lived- Pasadena, Denver, Vancouver, Denver, Sparta—she has jumped in with both feet. Working behind the scenes with kids, in the kitchen, in Bible studies, joining or starting book clubs and dinner clubs. She’s wowed people everywhere we go with her cooking and hospitality. She serves, without a complaint (except to me, sometimes- and – lets all be honest- what else am I good for, really) however she’s asked.

As to being a mom- oh man- would that all kids had a mom as great as my kids do- the Mom-dance, not withstanding. She home-schools two of the kids, currently is the de-facto secretary for Trinity, has a sharp theological mind, regularly reads beyond her interests- thus expanding those interests, always surprising me. I learn so much from her.

As to being a wife—well, I’ll just get all mushy, and probably before long go all Song of Solomon on you- so lets leave this section with the words of good ol’ Qohelet, “a wife of noble character, who can find? She is more precious than rubies.” I found one.

And so, dear thinking readers, wherever you’re at- grab something deep, and complex, with hints of both nuts and fruit, that makes you warm all over, and is preferably intoxicating- lift said ambrosia and drink deeply in gratitude to our good God who gave you life, because that is what this lucky guy experiences most days, as he clutters up the life of your blog host.


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Barbie!!!
What a sweet and articulate tribute from your old man. Well, you are after all becoming a Hot Mama, wouldn't that be what one calls her hubby?
Seriously, enjoy your special day with your honey and adorable family. You deserve the best of everything, and you know what, I think you got it!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday. What a wonderful hubby you have with you. Gos has given you a great gift already!

Birdie said...

Happy birthday, Barb! Nice to "meet" you Barb's DH. ;)

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Barbie...Hope your years are getting better and better. The last 20 years have gone sooo fast! Those two streams have made a mighty river. May God contintue to bless you and your family. We love you and are thankful for you and your life. John and Suzanne

Courtney said...

happy birthday barb!!!!!!!!!!! i would say that dave is right on about you...you're amazing. And for the one who sees you at your worst to say so, well, it must be true. Have a blessed day knowing that you've blessed so many along your way.

Marti Smith said...

Wonderful post -