Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, that was embarrassing...

It was my birthday yesterday. My day to do whatever I wanted. I wanted to post a blog about the things in life that bug me. I wanted to have my rant. Let off a little steam because it was my birthday and everyone is supposed to let you have your way on your birthday.

And then...

My lunk of a husband writes such nonsense about me. I love him. And I'll reveal more about him on August 12th when we celebrate 18 years of wedded bliss together.

But back to my rant...
Things that irritate me
1) the Mastercard commercial. You know the one where people are purchasing items-coffee, newspapers, plants, food-and using their Mastercard debit card. Then a man pulls out cash and everyone glares at him like, "How dare you upset the balance of Mastercard's power by putting down cold=-hard cash!" It's right up there with the Sure commercial (raise your hand if your sure - it had everyone second guessing if they could raise their hand) and Desenex (if you're caught scratching your head people might think you have... dandruff!) and worst of all the Bounty commercials (kid spills a gallon a grape juice and mom smiles adoringly at how cute son is)

2) People who compare George Bush to Hitler. Come on! Do they know their history? DO they understand the atrocities Hitler committed, gleefully? You may not agree with decisions Bush has made but he is no Hitler or Stalin or Hussein. Let's get real and honest. And on the same note...

3) People who believe socialism/communism has it's merits and is a doable form of government. Were they born after 1989 - when the Berlin wall fell? Did they not read Solzhenytsin and his horror stories of the Gulag? Communism fell because it is faulty and sinful. Live with it and rejoice that you live in a country where you can critique your leaders and not be thrown into a prison pit for the rest of your life!

4) Walmart. Do I need to explain myself here. I don't think so.

5) Weeds. They grow faster and thicker than the seeds I plant. They grow within hours of being pulled and in the beginning of their decrepit lives they disguise themselves to look like plants you want in your garden. So you don't pull them. And then they've taken root so deep it'll take a jackhammer to remove them.

6) Progressives in our denomination who want to remove creeds, doctrines and scripture to suit their own made-up religion. I liken them to people in #3. We have folks in our midst who want to change what Jesus said about being the way, the truth and the life. They want to say there is no resurrection and Jesus' body is buried somewhere in Palestine. They want to say the Bible is a metaphor and in no way should we consider the events actual - especially the ones we cannot explain scientifically. They want to twist the understanding of marriage to mean any two people who have feelings for each other can marry - regardless of sex and God okays this because he (or she) is loving and only wants you to be happy! I say to them - go start your own pseudo church and be happy!

7) Capitalism. Yeah this might contradict with #3 and I do think capitalism works best but at the same time we are dealing with sinful man who is out to get all he can for himself (or herself). Capitalism does allow for anyone to become wealthy but sometimes it seems that wealth stays in just a few hands and they take advantage of that. Now I hate using the word "they" - another irritation - but this is my blog, so there! Back to capitalism...I suppose Ian might be right after all.


Courtney said...

oh you make me laugh!
hope you had a great day yesterday, even if you had to postpone your online rant.

Paul Merrill said...

Totally glad you're blogging, Barb.

And happy late b'day!

We lift some "said ambrosia" in your honor.

Anonymous said...

Well, I love rants!

But I do have one word to add--Weeds are God's gift to the Earth. They are often the sole force that prevents soil erosion and their rapid life and death cycle provides much-needed fertility to the most impoverished of soils. Not to mention that many of our most healing 'herbs' are from weeds!

Read Howard Gerrit ( and you'll see! :) Embrace the weeds!

Happy Birthday!!!