Monday, July 16, 2007

Hot Mama Revolution

For this Monday's Hot Mama Revolution I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I have to get back into the exercise routine!

When I came back from California my exercise routine vanished. I was diligent for 3 months - 6 days a week and I felt good, physically, emotionally and mentally. Even though I was sweating like a ? (did you know pigs only sweat through their hooves?) I felt and, hence, acted more feminine. I've lost that 1 1/2 months ago. I think I've put on 5 pounds and I feel like a slug (which can be killed with a little salt sprinkled on them!).

So in order to retrieve that sense of womanhood that reaches deep down into my muscle tone, I am returning to my exercise routine - 20 minutes nordic track and 20 minutes weights.


Courtney said...

GOOD FOR YOU! i'll think of you when i'm excersising! stick-with-it-ness is hard to have when it comes to excersise.

Birdie said...

I got back to exercising, lost 100 pounds. My husband noticed and now I'm pregnant! ;)

Chelsea said...

LOL Birdie!! That happened to me too! Now baby is 8 weeks old and its time for me to get back to the excersise too. Thanks for the push!

Birdie said...

Chelsea, Congratulations on the weight loss and the baby!