Monday, July 09, 2007

Relaxing with the Feminine

Sarah at is starting a revolution of sorts, and I'm playing along:
The "Hot Mama Revolution" has begun and we are looking for recruits! Let's build a militia of Renaissance women who will start wearing form-fitting clothes, carrying a compact, and actually using that gym membership you started shelling out the big bucks for over a year ago!

This will be a weekly meme so be sure to check back every Monday for inspiration and ideas!
I have never been comfortable with my femininity. I have for too long felt I lack that quality which defined me as female. I usually feel awkward in my skin, not relaxed, not confident. When I found Sarah's blog and read her challenge I thought, "This might be good for me." I am a professional late-bloomer and have decided in my mid-40s to practice those things which define me as a woman.

For me the greatest accessory a woman can wear is confidence (yeah, it sounds like an article from Ladies Home Journal or Cosmo, but you know I've given up on magazines!) When a see a woman with confidence it doesn't matter if she is stunningly gorgeous or plain jane, she is a force to be reckoned with and a dynamo I would like on my side. Where does confidence come from? Heck if I know. But I think I'm finding more and more as I age (and I'll be 47 next week!). I think with confidence there is the attitude, "I like who I am, don't care what others think, and I'm here to learn, have fun, and be a blessing!"

So my overarching goal in the hotmamarevolution is to grow in confidence. How am I going about this? Being honest with myself, with others, especially my husband, being not afraid to voice my preferences, my opinion (blogging really helps with this). And prayer. Prayer is where I first begin and where I end. My being is defined by how Christ sees me and, really, when I see myself as He sees me I have all the confidence in the world, and then some!


Courtney said...


In Captivating by Eldredge they ask the question, "What if you have a genuine and captivating beauty that is marred only by your striving?" ---- I pose this only b/c you Barb DO have a genunine and captivating beauty, I see it. I saw it when you lived here and I can still see it through this blog. I hope that each day you see it. You're awesome.

Sarah said...

Hey Barb! Thanks for joining the revolution. We had a slight Mr. Linky problem but I think it's fixed now. Sorry but you'll have to re-add your link. I think alot of people will be inspired by your post. Confidence is so important. :)