Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Getting Out There

Wednesday, August 8---Getting out there...
Extra-curricular activities, community involvement, volunteering, sports teams, music lessons, making sure your kids have opportunities to be social, co-ops, etc., etc., etc...

Aidan has drum lessons and Emma does piano once a week. That and 4-H are the activities the kids participate in apart from school. OH, yeah, youth group and AWANA at church, also.

I wish I could say, "We go to dance and ball and swim and crafts and.... but in our rural town there isn't a whole lot to do. Plain and simple. Andy physical activites we have to make up on our own. No YMCAs or gyms around here. So the kids ride their bikes and walk the dogs for exercise.

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Sheri said...

Well we don't do dance, crafts, or swimming. We live out of town, and drive in for ball, but that's about it. Most everything else we do we find a way to do it close to home and as a family.

tonia said...


we are stay-at-homes too. I think it all works out just fine in the end.

Hope your toe-recovery is swift!