Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is Politics Something You (Don't) Like to Talk About?

I was visiting Rocksinmydryer yesterday. She was taking a poll regarding dem/rep candidates. She was hesitant to take a poll because of the politics and controversy involved. I wondered why?

Why do so many, it seems, shun political discussion for the sake of avoiding controversy. Perhaps we place so much of ourselves in the discussion, that when our opinions are attacked we feel personally attacked.

I try not to attack the person. I enjoy political discussion when it stays on topic. Just because I disagree with you or you with me doesn't mean we can't break bread together. Quite the opposite in fact, I believe, it gives more reason for persons to sit and commune.

In the climate of our day there is so much to discuss. It seems the divisions in our country run the gamut and because there is so little polite, decent debate, the lines remain.

So where do your stand on discussing politics? I remember hearing adult conversation in my youth, "There are three things one never openly discusses: religion, s>>, and politics." I always wondered why?


Valerie said...

I guess you got your answer.

Orrange said...

I thought about this post yesterday after I had a discussion with my hubby about healthcare reform and who we like for president.... we're on different sides of one issue and the same of the other...have fun guessing which is which, but remember that he is canadian AND that we strongly considered moving there for two reasons.
All of that to say, I think politics is a discusion that so many people (women?) swerve away from b/c it is often linked in our memories to personal attack. We attack, or have been attacked, by the people we've talked politics with. In short, we don't do it kindly or intelligently OR for the sake of learning but more for the sake of pulling someone over to our side, which frankly doesn't work. Trust me I come from a heritage of debaters, including myself, who have tried darn hard.

I think talking politics and the current issues is helpful, and maybe it's something I should included on my blog... hmmm.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Thanks Courtney for your comments. I think it's true that part of me enjoys debate bc I'm yearning to persuade others to my side. And I'm so warped that I think partly that's right bc my side is right! But to be a fair debater I need to let that go and seek to learn rather than persuade. That involves trust - trust in the other person, to be fair and also in a learning position.

good thoughts lady, thanks

Orrange said...

uh, i DEFINITELY think my side is right. And that the other person is a doofus... hence why i'm not always the "best" at having these adult conversations. Alas, I am tyring to grow.