Saturday, October 06, 2007


Fall leaves turning
My 3 sons wrestling on the floor or playing soccer together
My four children asleep
Hawks on the powerlines
The ocean
Bulbs that I planted in October coming up in April
A just vacuumed carpet
A just mopped kitchen floor
The table set for Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter Dinner
The front door open for newly arrived visitors
Aidan on the drums
Ian on the guitar
Emma on the piano
Aidan reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy
Liam riding on the back of Emma, with a hanger shooting pretend arrows at the Orcs
Just mowed and trimmed lawn


Debby said...

What are "orcs?"

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

what is the address of your cave??
Orcs? The servants of Saroman, fighting the men, elves and dwarfs of middle earth? Where HAVE you been?

Christina Dawn said...

The first snow
The sun lighting up the fall leaves at sunset
bales of hay
stalks of dried corn