Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thought This Was Brilliant. What Do You think?


Orrange said...

that's awesome.And has a good side effect. It makes me feel better about my own body when I realize all the craziness that we are inundated with every day. thanks barb.

Hayley said...

I don't care what anyone will tell me, I like the way I look

This reminds me of a music video I saw. It had captions showing while the band was playing about how cosmetic industries influence young girls and how many have eating disorders and problems.

It's sad. :(

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

You are wise beyond your years. Thank the Lord you have a mom who loves you and has reared you rightly.

Marcie said...

It's an important message to share with both our girls and our boys. It's amazing how much is out there to negatively influence our children. It's on the television, in the stores, on the streets. I would love to keep my young children innocent from all of this. It's sad that we have to talk with them about something they may not be emotionally ready for simply because we're afraid that the message will come from somewhere else first.
I agree with Hayley - it is sad.

Juloyes said...

For many, many women this is such a struggle. In ages past, there were maybe one or two exceptionally beautiful women in a community, and their bodies were never exposed to the world.

Now, everywhere we look there are cosmetically or digitally enhanced women, so our men are faced with temptation beyond belief and women are left comparing themselves to impossible "ideals".