Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Small Talk

Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles had some fun questions to elicit small talk between her readers and since I'm dry of ideas for my own blog I'm taking her questions and adding them to mine. And she said that was okay! So here are the questions. I'll give you my answers if you give me yours!

1)Tropics, desert, mountain, coast, or valley~ what climate do you prefer?

2)If you were forced to list your best asset, what would you reply?

3)What unusual features would your dream home have?

4)If you owned a restaurant, what would it be like? What would you name it? What food would you serve?

1) I LOVE the Pacific Northwest. I think it's as close to heaven you can get this side of glory. We loved living in Vancouver for 2 1/2 years. The mountains were to the north of us in all their glory and right below was the gorgeous blue ocean - not 2 miles away.

2) My best asset - I'm incredibly patient, she humbly said! I really don't know if it's patience or laziness or fear of conflict but I can put up with a lot of ridiculousness and just let it slide off my back.

3) Unusual features of my dream home: I'd love a lot of built-ins - book shelves, entertainment center. I'd also like an exercise room - packed with equipment (it's a dream house after all). I'd like a farmer's sink and I like a dock jutting out to our private lake (in the Pacific Northwest)!

4) My restaurant: Now if you know anything about me, you know I've already thought long and hard about this. Several years ago I catered quite a bit and named my "company" Assorted Affairs. If I could open two restaurants (which my kids keep yammering on me to do) I'd call one "Table for Two" It would be a quite romantic get-away that serves very romantic dinners- light food for romantic rendezvous, always topped off with a little dark chocolate mousse, strawberries and champagne. My second eatery would be called "Coffee and..." and would be open breakfast through late-afternoon. We would serve great coffee, sandwiches, salad,s soups, cakes, muffins, cookies and would be supplied with with big loungey chairs, books and comfortable tables conducive for lengthy conversations.

Now feel free to use these questions on your blog - especially if you're in a quandry about to write next.


MamaTina said...

I'm going to think about this, I'll be back when I have some answers for you :)

Hannah said...

Hmm...this is hard...but I'll try.

1)Tropics proabably because of living here. I like the mountains too but I love going on vacations to the beach with a pool, it's sunny, bright, happy!

2)Arrgh! I hate doing these kind of things. I don't know, I'm hardworking...again, I don't like this kind of question.

3)I just wrote a paper on this for school (actually it was my dream room) and I don't know if this is unusual but I would like to have a bunch of different guitars, a great-a perfect one-CD collection, I don't know...I want my room to be very musical.

4)This is also a toughy. You're putting me on the spot. I guess I'd serve my faves, Tex-Mex, Middle-Eastern, Malaysian....I love food! And I'd serve GREAT deserts. But I'd get a different chef. I'd just set it up. The atmosphere would be really cool, having some sort of theme I haven't come up with yet, comfortable, just nice. Ooh! And awesome music!

So, I guess that's it. This was hard.

MamaTina said...

1) Mountains, especially the Appalachians in NC. I would love to live in Highlands.
2)My best asset is the ability to roll with the punches. It can be valuable in our line of work.
3)There would be a fireplace in the kitchen that you could bake in as well. But this would be an entire blog in itself if I went on:)
4)It would serve lunch and only one dish that would change everyday. The one dish would be awesome like fried chicken, collards and mac n cheese or and fresh bread or biscuits. I'd call it "Mama's Place" And we'd serve ugly pies to go.

Donna Boucher said...

Coast all the way!!!
I love a warm ocean breeze and the clouds and the smells.

Best asset: I am interested.

Unusual feature: I love a farm sink too. And I have always loved those beds that are built into a nook. (Scandinavian look)

Rest: Cozy, diner-esque.

Fun questions! I will have to stop by Heidi's now.

Marti said...

1. I like woods... by water, if possible - a rocky coastline but not too windswept? And a horizon ringed with mountains... you know, it sounds like I'm talking about the Pacific Northwest, doesn't it? I love Vancouver, too. Or the Columbia River valley. Or central Oregon...

2. My best asset is my ability to put things into words.

3. My dream house might have a sauna... and/or a hot-tub. Neither of which I'm likely to ever have if home ownership is not in my future, but I do like that kind of thing.

4. If I owned a restaurant, it would be staffed by people who are much more interested in running a restaurant than I am! Cooking, atmosphere, good company I like, but running a business? Not so much.

Suzanne said...

Great ideas....

Think I like high desert areas....warm yet cool, mountains close by and maybe an ocean not far away. Although I'd love to live in San Francisco for 6 months of so.
i think my best asset is my family but I also think I'm fairly easy going and easy to get along with.
Features in a house would be a great kitchen (warming drawers and for you to use!!!!), family area leading onto a deck for entertaining and enjoying the "view". Also would like lots of room for company and small areas for private getaways/office etc. And someone to clean and do the yard work.
As for my restaurant I'll come to where ever you are Barbie and help you. I like your"coffee and ...... . We could encourage patrons similar to those who frequented the Eagle and Child??? Wouldn't it be great to influence the next generation with our hospitality?

It's fun to dream!

Orrange said...

1. mountains for sure. In fact it's why i chose colorado over mass. Plus, you can't snowboard in the tropics... well there's sandboarding but i've yet to try it.

2. I think it's my passion. My ability to dream and go for my dreams.

3. built in bookshelves, windows with mountain views, and if i'm truly extravagant..a lap pool.

4. an ethnic place.... which i would clearly need to get someone else to run and cook for b/c i don't know how to do it. But something like wild ginger in littleton. love that place. ooo! OR a great bakery.

Marti said...

One other essential feature of the dreamiest of dream houses is, as Suzanne mentioned, househelp! Yes, I want a maid, or a couple of house elves..

Marti said...
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