Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST - tonight at 8:00pm CT - You Know Where I'll Be!


MamaTina said...

When Lost first aired, Hannah was an infant, and I just couldn't take the opening scene and haven't been back since.

RYC: We use to host and I use one of the provided programs to build it. It's easy and you don't need any html experience. I also like that there are so many included email addresses.

Orrange said...

i am totally not a lost fan.... but this season they have me hooked, already! the writer's strike will be helping them pull any non-fans (like me) over since there's nothing else to watch!

Hannah said...

I'm not a Lost fan myself, more of an The Office and West Wing gal, and even though they're not on (West Wing i mean), I can still watch them because we have seasons 2-7! It's great to have a dad who loves them too. We're also into Gilmore Girls...when they're "making good decisions." And over here we're still two seasons behind.