Thursday, January 31, 2008


Or There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch...but I'm always ready to find one! I love getting free stuff. Samples at the grocery store, I'm there! So when Shannon at Rocksinmydryer hosts her bloggy give-aways, I'm there.

Last Fall I entered and participated (giving away some baby blankets). I won...nothing. I don't recall how many bloggers participated but it was in the 400s. This Winter's give-away there are over 700! For the past two days, for hours, I've been checking out other blogs and entering their give-aways in hope of winning: a Starbucks gift card, jewelry, lotions, soaps, or aprons. I think I've entered about 250 contests. Call me crazy. We'll see if luck is on my side or if I'll live up to my past experience.

UPDATE: The number of give-aways is now over 800!


Orrange said...

last time i entered a bunch too and didn't win anything, so this time i am forcing myself to stay away!

MamaTina said...

I've won things over at I think I won cash one time and a gift set from Do Re Me.
I love free stuff! Oh you might want to check out

Dave Moody said...


Hannah said...

You guys sound a bit obsessed. This is one aspect of blogging that I have to say I do not miss.