Friday, February 01, 2008

Did You Get LOST Last Night?

So, did you watch? We did, except Ian and Dave (they are baffled by our obsession). Okay, I confess I cried when Hurley had to tell Claire about Charlie (you know, that does sound a little soap-opera-ish).
Now theories:
Who are the Oceanic Six - well definitely Kate, Hurley, Jack, maybe Sawyer and the other two - no idea
What's going on: I think it has to do with parallel universes and time-lines. There's something about the island that holds the time-lines in harmony. The freighter is looking for the island to exploit it. Ben is trying to protect the universes by keeping the place a secret. Jack is clueless and so opens the door for the freighter-people to come on the island. The shaggy-haired Jack (from the flash forward) and the other Oceanic Six are in the wrong time-line. That's why they sense something wrong. Hurley's encounter with Charlie was a Charlie from an alternate time-line (I know that's a stretch).
Anyway, I'm hooked back in and sad that the season is so short - only 8 episodes - but I'll be watching all of them!
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Susan said...

Oh man! I am watching Lost on German TV in German. They are an episode behind.

Donna Boucher said...

Hi Barb,
I watched Lost because there was nothing else on. It has not been a show I watched in the past.

I thought this episode was very interesting.

And I was really sad to think that only six people make it off the island.

But then it sounds like they could go back for them.

I think I will be watching weekly now. My curiosity has finally been piqued.