Friday, February 08, 2008

Are you LOST?

Where does Ben get his information?
Has he lived in the future and knows what is going to happen - like Merlin - or is Jacob feeding him this information telephathically?
Why does Locke keep Ben alive?
Why do these four want Ben - why does Abaddon want Ben?
For whom does Abaddon work - Dharma or some other nefarious organization? Does Charlotte, Miles, Daniel, and Lapidus really know what their mission is all about?
The seem like a bunch a misfits.
What is it about them that makes them unique for finding and capturing Ben?
Who staged the underwater Oceanic 815 plane? And why?
Where's Desmond?
Do you still trust Juliet?
What was the Dharma symbol found with the polar bear excavation?
Where are the others? What happened to the stewardess who joined the others, and all the children?
Where's Rose and Bernard?
I miss Charlie!
Don't you love a show that uses historical figures for their character's names: Locke, Rousseau, C.S. Lewis, Faraday...
I think Ben was part of the Oceanic 6 and the one in the coffin.
When Ben shot Charlotte and she "recovered", did you think, as I did, "Wow, she's like Locke, shot and lives!"?

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Dave Moody said...

So hon, how's that OCD thing coming along?