Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why Is It...?

I went to Walmart this morning to pick up a few forgotten items. It has long fascinated me the parking-lot habits of folks...the extremes (imo) people go to to get a parking spot closest to the entrance doors.

Now my kids like to complain that I park miles from the doors, well, as far away as possible. But I always get a parking spot fast and a bit more exercise in too.

As I was parking this morning and listening to the tail-end of a radio-interview I watched cars circle the aisles waiting for a spot two to three cars away from the entrances. There were plenty of spots 10-12 cars away. But no, cars drive up and down waiting, hunting for that elusive close-to-the-entrance parking spot. What's even more hilarious is when a car stops in the middle of the aisle, waits for someone to pull out a of spot -- while there's a empty spot right behind. What's that about??!! Would the walking two extra parking spaces kill'em? I guess so!


Paul Merrill said...

I'm totally with you on this, Barb!!

I always felt like it was a waste of gas ($) and time. Not to mention polluting the air I must breathe on my way to the store.

It all boils down to: people are stupid.

MamaTina said...

My dad came to visit and he would park us as far away as possible, or at least it felt that way in 10 degree weather. When it's cold out, I try to park as close as possible, even if it means driving for a while longer or waiting in the middle of the lane. I'd hate for the little bear to freeze on the way in to the store :)

Orrange said...

even more ironic is that every day I see people doing this at the gym! don't want to walk too far to the door, but we'll go inside and run on a treadmill for an hour... hmmm.

sadly, i do it somewhat as well... but i say it's because I don't want to walk forever in the cold with my kids, which may or may not be the real reason.

Hannah said...

My dad parks really far way from wherever we're going... even if there are lots of spaces in front of us. We ask why but get no answer. I think it's because he's scared of lots of people parking next to us or double parking.... who knows.
But I know what you mean about these insane people! Crazy driving is something that comes up a lot over here. My mom wants to open a driver's school here.

Lulu said...

I never really thought about it before, but you're so right! I park at the first available parking space in the first row we happen to turn down. My kids moan and groan past every empty space they see. Except in the the rain I will hunt a close space.

I left you a little something at my blog. Please come by and pick it up at your leisure.