Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Email From India

I had a post all ready for today lamenting that Dave's been gone for a week and I haven't heard from him. Well, this morning guess what was in my email - Yep! a short note from the groom of my youth.

They had just returned to Delhi after a week in Edmanpur. There is a work going there on among the poorest of the poor - the untouchables. Many are turning to Christ.

They will be staying in Delhi for two days then fly to Patna for nine days.

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We have 2 more weeks left to his return. Do we miss him? YES! Do I miss him? YES! Do I worry about him? YES! But I have peace. It is work not letting those anxious thoughts take over and imagine things I shouldn't be. It is WORK! My thoughts are prone to wander/wonder.


Viola said...

Just to let let you know I have been praying for both you and Dave while he is gone. I know how hard it is to have kids at home and my hubby gone.

Julie said...

Did you feel the earthquake or anything these past few days? Nice to chat even just a bit the other day!