Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Updates and Thank Yous

Thanks for all your notes of concern and prayers for the family and Dave while he's away. It was good to hear from him when he returned to Delhi. He's in Patna now, our old stomping grounds from 18 years ago!

This past weekend we enjoyed a treat from Dave's folks, John and Suzanne. Dave's sister is celebrating a special day today (4/22) and we joined them to commemorate. I will not elaborate on what that special day is as it would damage my relationship with Debby if I were to do so. Needless to say we stayed at a Resident's Inn and enjoyed a pool, weight room (sweating it out on the elliptical), cable (Ian's favorite - got to watch Avs win the first round in the NHL playoffs), a walk on the plaza in Kansas City, toured where Dave's grandmother grew up, visited the Ganzer cemetery and generally had a good time. Thank you Oma and Opa and H**** B****** Debby!

No...we didn't feel the initial earthquake at 3:46 am. We did, however, feel the aftershock at 10:14am. Emma was a little nervous but having endured the Southern California Sylmar earthquake of '71 I told her, "Ah, this is nothin'."

We have busy days ahead of us: The ACT test is this Wednesday for Ian and on Friday he and the Math team are headed to Champaign, IL for the Illinois State Math Competition. He placed first in his class group for the Southern IL competition. Then the next weekend is prom. Today we ordered his tux! I have the Trinity Mother-Daughter banquet next Monday. I'll be cooking the main course and several of us will be doing desserts and sides. Then we'll be finishing school in about a month and finally I will be moving into high-speed VBS planning with another gal. Like I said --- busy days!

Dave gets back next Thursday!


Paul Merrill said...

Be sure to post a pic of Ian & his prom date! (If he'll let you.)

Julie in SEA said...

How did the Math competition go?