Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Next Ten

So where did I leave off..oh yes...The next ten on my "must-read-before-I-begin-my-day" blogroll:
Paul is one heck of a creative gentleman. He and Heather were living in Kenya for a while, with their three chilluns. He began a blog there with snippets of everyday life in Nairobi. When they moved back he started up his new blog. I appreciate Paul's insights into everyday life and how not to get sucked into the temptations of mass media, how to recycle and how to observe the unique things in life.
I grew up catholic. Baptized. First Communion. CCD. Confirmation. Then quit going. Lately I have a new-found interest in all things catholic. Sister Mary Martha answers questions involving the church. Sometimes she's a little off - and admits it when mistakes are discovered. All the time she's hilarious, snarky and insightful into our culture and some of the stupid things that lure us away from things eternal.
I discovered Drew's blog through the Well-Trained Mind forum. He is currently developing a classical, Latin home-schooling curriculum and homeschooling his daughter. He shares his knowledge of homeschooling, latin, faith, and culture.
Or also known as, Quiet Life. But somehow I think Miz Booshay doesn't have a quiet life. She's an aspiring and talented photographer, witty, loves American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With the Stars and Lost. She inspires humorous and insightful discussion.
I met Viola through Dave. She is the lone woman in my husband's consistory of Presbyterian bloggers. She's a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her daughters write blogs too which are quite poetic. I must confess many of her entries are w-a-y above me intellectually. She is a great encourager and I'm thankful that she reads my blog.
Molly is fascinating. She lived in Texas. Was in a band. Has an awesome voice. Now lives in Alaska. Homeschools 5 kids. Is studying for her bachelor's degree on line and blogs that inspire major, major discussions. She's honest and provokes honesty out of others. She emerged from a highly patriarchal church background and is joyfully discovering the freedom there is in Christ, moving away from legalism. I've attempted to add to some of her discussions, but through this exercise I'm learning to investigate what I believe, articulate it and stand by it when others may disagree. It's my habit to be a shrinking violet when confronted. Adventures in Mercy is helping me to stand tall with my opinions.
Courtney and Brent were part of Caleb Project in Colorado. They met through Caleb Project. Brent is Canadian - I guess that says it all about him ; ). Courtney is vivacious, vivacious, vivacious. They have two adorable kids. Together they have a passion for seeing lives redeemed who are victimes sexual exploitation and a growing desire to establish a home overseas for girls abused through the sex/slave trade. Passionate is another word I would use to describe the Orranges. And inspiring. And challenging. And thoughtful. And sporty. And adventurous. And...
I don't know much about her but she's commented a few times on my blog (which always causes me to read another's blog - so comment if you want me to read your blog!). She home-schools. Is PCUSA. Has lots of political and denominational opinions - which with I usually agree.
Corey's writing is brief, heart-warming, heart-rendering, sincere, inspiring, restful, and luscious. She's an American in France! She met her French husband when she was living in San Francisco. Now they live in France and she writes about the beautiful antiques she discovers, museums she visits, boulangeries where she buys her bread, and patisseries where she eats a napolean (do not read her blog on an empty stomach). She's back in California right now. Her father is very ill. She writes everyday about her time by his bedside. I am amazed at how much she communicates with so few words. She cuts right to the heart.
Meredith's blog seems to be on everyone's blogroll so I just had to check it out. Her blog entries are short - to the point. I like that. And there packed full of frugal-living ideas. Good recipes too!

20-30 will be coming up shortly...hang on!


Paul Merrill said...

Thanks for the mention, Barb!

It's fun to be in this blogging community with you.

Orrange said...

seriously 40 blogs?!?!?! holy cow barb! you're much more hard core than me!