Friday, May 02, 2008

Never Leave Out a Spray Bottle of Vinegar-Water When a Four-Year Old is Around Who Likes to Clean Up For His Momma

I hope you're enjoying my two blogroll posts. I know I am because, right now, it's the only way I can access my blogroll. I have all those blog sites bookmarked on my computer and right now my computer is drying out. Why, you ask, would my computer need to dry out? Well, two nights ago my almost four-year old decided the computer was dirty and he initiated cleaning it with my bottle of vinegar water. I was exercising at the time. It was quiet. No need to wonder why. 

When done with my four miles I glanced down and,  whoa, "WHAT'S THIS PUDDLE OF WATER!""WHY'S MY COMP.....JACK!!!!"
I am hoping, oh so hoping, it just needs a couple days drying out but so far that's not working. Dave's back! so I'm on his computer. 

Well, Dave's back but he's sprawled out on the bed, contemplating the toilet, moaning and groaning and wondering when this "Delhi-belly" will work it's way through his system. I'll link to his writings when they're available. He has much to say.


Orrange said...

oh delhi belly... it's horrible. it's the biggest reason I cringe when I think of going back to india.

Marti said...

How do you read blogs? Do you just have a bunch of bookmarks and visit them all every day or so? Or do you use some other system? I've been doing the former but it taps into my tendency to be a bit compulsive and ends up eating up a lot of time, esp. when I'm somewhere with a slow connection. Yesterday, I played around with google reader and set it up to subscribe to the blogs I read as well (including this one, of course!). I think this will reduce my chronic checking without putting me at risk of missing things. But I suspect there are other tools like that out there...?

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

No Marti, I don't use those new-fangled RSS readers, google readers and what nots. I have these 40 bookmarked. Remember...ocd!
I start my day with the drudge report, move to newsbusters then go down my list. We have a quick connection so I can quickly see when something's new on a blog. It's how I start my day and since I don't take to change very easily i don't I could handle the new stuff.

Yeah, courtney - 40 blogs. In blog world I don't think that that's many. Dave has about 80 bookmarked but I know he doesn't read that many. i suppose if you used those rss reader stuff it would be easy to read through a lot of blogs cuz it updates you when a new entry is put on, right?

Holly said...

oh, ouch. The spray bottle thing would make me WEEP.

(But I'll be you are glad to have your hubby back...even sick!)