Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Proud Mama

Ian scored a 34 on his ACTs!

Two 36s for Math and Reading!!!!


Anonymous said...

We're all proud....We'd like to think it's the gene pool -)....but.

Anonymous said...

Barb...we still get a smile on our faces when we reflect on the competitive 'Ian vs Rachel' days when they were at Whitman together. After they got their Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores, Ian proudly asked Rachel, 'Yeah...but what did you get for CompoSITE?' We all laughed together (Ian included) when we asked, and then explained to Ian what composite meant. Fun Whitman memories.
Today as Rachel took the SAT for the first time, Julie & I both thought, 'We're getting old.' ;-) Our kids are growing up. Good work, proud Mama!