Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Storm Clouds

We have some amazing thunderstorms here in the Midwest during the Spring. Spring isn't my favorite season. I much prefer autumn - the colors and smells...ahhh! But Spring has a beauty all it's own - a terrifying beauty. Sparta hasn't had a tornado for over a hundred years and the old-timers keep reminding us it's about our time for one to hit! Even though I don't look forward to electricity going out, staying up till odd hours in the morning listening to tornado warnings and watches, seeing hail pelt down on the plants I so lovingly planted or our basement flooding again, there is something so jaw-dropping awesome about the clouds of Spring. Here's a sample from last week:

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Heidi said...

Wow! Those are incredible pictures. They look fake! I bet your storms are something to witness. I remember being in a couple that awed us as my family took a driving vacation across the states.