Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Grossest Thing

I witnessed the grossest thing I've seen, well, I must say, ever!

To Update...Liam is potty-trained. Total and completely. BUT...he has discovered that the dogs poop and pee (sorry Opa, tinkle) in the backyard. He enjoys pretended to be an animal. Any animal. And when he is with Annie and Sirius, well, he joins in with their usual practices. When he was younger, 2 say, he enjoyed eating their food. If we let him today I think he would take up that habit again.

Back to the grossest thing...

Yesterday he was playing in the backyard with the dogs. Going out to check on him I discovered him half-naked just rising from a crouched position, standing over a pile of.... Well, you get the picture (and thankfully there is no picture).

After severely reprimanding him for stripping and squatting and then doing what he did I grabbed his hand to go back into the house, turned just in time to catch a good view of Sirius (the German Shepherd) chowing down on Liam's remains! EWWWW! YUCK!! What's that about??!!!

That dog is NEVER licking my face again!


Anonymous said...

Well, Barb...what do you expect the boy to do. He's already cleaned all of the computers at home, and there's not much else to do but visit the backyard. ;-)

Hang in there and keep making memories!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will be able to visit and be comfortable in many cultures someday. He (Liam) has a cousin who became friends with some Samoans and when visiting villages many years ago was told he was the first white man this person knew that had all the "native practices down like the natives."

Viola said...

Dogs are scavengers--that’s not that unusual. I am glad you are blogging again.