Monday, June 09, 2008

Bittersweet Journey Home

Blasting Coldplay's X&Y, driving  past the wheat fields of summer in Southern Illinois, the hot 95 degree wind not touching my skin but rather enjoying the 70 degree air conditioning in the car...I'm feeling bittersweet. I just left my second son in the capable hands of his grandparents as the fly off to England for three days and then on to the island of Cyprus for eight weeks. His departure  instills in me the reality of the importance of his presence for my soul, for our family. 

Aidan is my spark. He brings joy and life and vibrance. It's a mixed bag of frustration (over his never-ending observations and questions) and delight when he is dreaming up new adventures for the entire family. He's off on his own adventure with his grandparents. I'm ecstatic for him when down-hearted. Emma enjoyed the grandparents two years ago for the summer. And now it's Aidan's turn to work the camp in Troodos with Oma and Opa

Ian's also away from home just for the week. He was nominated to be a part of Boy's State. Dave drove him and another student to Eastern Illinois University on Saturday. They'll be "playing" government for the week. New friends, new tasks to partake in, new's a Summer of new things.

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Have you herd from your spark?