Monday, June 09, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...are garden beds that need to be weeded.

I am thinking...I need to get to my exercise.

I am thankful for...the safe arrival in England of Oma, Opa and Aidan

From the a pile a trash that needs to be dumped.

I am wearing...exercise capris, sleeveless lime t-shirt, running shoes

I am creating...a peaceful, contemplative spot in my day.

I am exercise when I am finished with this blog entry.

I am hearing...the Bionicle movie which Liam is watching.

I am reading...Plain Truth by Judi Piccoult

I am hoping...Ian will call tonight from Boy's State since he didn't return my call yesterday.

Around the VBS material I need to go through, review, work on.

One of my favorite the neat and tidy and organized bathroom closet I worked on earlier today.

A few plans for the rest of the week...get back into exercising (been off for three days), get back into Bible Reading (Ezekiel), paint the hooks and hang in the boys' bathroom.

Here is a picture-thought I am kooky, sparky son, Aidan, playing on photo-booth.

Stop and fill in the blanks for your day. Slow down and be thankful. Read what others are doing here.


Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like a busy day. I noticed your exercise tracker. I feel better when I walk. It just helps with my mood.
Mama Bear

Hannah said...

Outside my window...are some stray dogs and cats whining.
I am thinking...I am tired and my legs hurt.
I am thankful for...the new shirt my mom got me.
From the my mom doing some dishes from dinner.
I am wearing...the new shirt and some jeans.
I am creating...a comment for your enjoyment.
I am sleep soon.
I am little brother making jumping noises outside my door.
I am reading...7 Minutes with God by TH1NK, and Amalee by Dar Williams.
I am hoping...I won't have to get up so early tomorrow.
Around the house...are things to put away. (when are they not there in a lived-in house)
One of my favorite things...The Beatles
A few plans for the rest of the out at a summer school program with school.
Don't know how to put the pic...