Monday, June 02, 2008

Dreading the next three months!

I am really not a "summer" person. I need my routine. I need each day to reflect each yesterday. I need a rhythm. Summer does not allow these things. And I feel like an ogre when I demand a routine for each day during this season. For nine months out of the year I know when to get the kids up, what we will be doing in the morning, when lunch will begin, how the afternoon will unfold and when to tuck in the little nippers for their sweet dreams. All I get when I ask for the same from June to August is, "But's summer vacation!!!!"

I'm not a summer person temperature-wise either. I live in the midwest - the sweaty, humid, like-a-oven, midwest. I wilt. Almost literally during this season. I am dreading August. 

Did you hear that??? It's the world's smallest violin playing My Heart Bleeds. I think I'd like some cheese with my whine!


Marti said...

I dread summer too and for some of the same reasons. All the stuff that gives shape to my life seems to be canceled. This Sunday at church I felt a flash of being VERY weird and alone when the pastor explained that for their part, the church does this so that so everyone can have more time with their families. But I can see how even if you had a family that fit the profile, that could use that kind of consideration, then you'd have to figure out what to do with your summer! Whine.... will you share some of your cheese?

But God's grace is sufficient, etc. So I hear!

Julo said...

I grew up in Missouri so I know all about hot and humid summers! Now that I'm in the arid west, it's always nice in the shade :). I MISS THE GREEN, though.

Did you say were from So. Illinois? I have all kinds of family in Chester, home of Popeye!

I LOVE summer because of all the swim team stuff, baseball, VBS. Having feet literally of snow last winter was HARD so I'm soaking all this in. My boys didn't get play outside for months. You can only make a snowman so many times...

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Julo - I'm just up the road from Chester - in Sparta!

Julie in SEA said...

This is my first official day of summer, Barb, with all 3 kids finally done with school BUT then Rach takes SAT this Sat (tom here!). So she's still a bit in study mode. But I also relate. And girlfriends, helpers in this realm with similar aged kids, are leaving around here! I remember our summers in late 90s working in some good VBS's and just some fun times together with the kids to keep ourselves sane! I miss you, Barb. Miss your kids too. Miss our lives being intertwined. love you dear friend!
But this morning, I wake up thankful that i don't have to drive anywhere at a certain time for at least today. And I love having my 3 kids together—will that last for at leaste an hour?? ;) (Oh yeah, they get along so well while they're all asleep.)

Em said...

I'm not complaining. I love summer