Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday Party for a 4 year Old

When Ian, Emma and Aidan were growing up I planned birthday parties. They were themed and crafted with such detail I amazed myself. Dinosaurs, Mickey Mouse, Pink Teddy, Soccer, Star Wars, Lion King...I used them all to celebrate my children's entrance into their next year.

With Liam...well he's lucky if I even wrap him his present. But I still love to decorate a mighty fine chocolate cake...
"My Precioussssss"

No special party plans. Whitney came over and we had pizza. Gifts were opened, with attempts made to turn Bumblebee into a Transformer but after Ian's, Emma's, Whitney's, Aidan's then my effort we decided to return it the next day and satisfied Liam with a monster truck. Balloons were blown up, games played and cake eaten.


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Thanks, Oma

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