Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movie Review: Foyle's War

Foyle's War was a television series on BBC, so technically it isn't a movie but each episode is well over one hour long so it feels like a movie. But even if were a movie series I would pay the big bucks to see each on the big screen. This series is near-perfect!

Michael Kitchens stars as Foyle as DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) in Hasting, England, during WWII. His wife died several years earlier, he served in WWI and he has a son in the RAF. Foyle  desires to be released from his police duties and serve in the military but his resignations are denied over and over again. In each episode there is a murder which is connected to some other unforeseen crime, related to the war effort. Foyle patiently and creatively uncovers the truth with a touch of grace and mercy. He's cool as a cucumber.

Each episode also explains some aspect of the war: whether it's about crews who destroy the unexploded bombs, the plans for a bomb designed to destroy dams in Germany, or the introduction of the Americans into the British war scene. 

Fortunately the last season of Foyle's War has been broadcast on PBS Masterpiece Mystery the past two Sunday nights. Unfortunately the last episode of the series is airing this coming Sunday (July 28th). The family has enjoyed season 1-5 through And I say the entire family. This series has been such a joy to watch. Michael Kitchen is a perfect DCI Foyle, and his "sidekicks"  (Mr. Millner and Sam) make a perfect team. It isn't a comedy by there is dry wit. It isn't gorey and gruesome but there is always a murder. It is thought-provoking, mindful of varying opinions of war - it's methods and madness, and educational. The writing is crisp and keeps the viewer hooked.

Anthony Horowitz is the creator. He wrote some Poirot episodes and Midsomer Murders. He has also penned a children's series which Aidan has enjoyed. 

So this next Sunday catch the series finale (although I am hoping there will be a post-war Foyles series, though I doubt it). You will not regret it. Then sign up on Netflix and place all six seasons in your queue.


Paul Merrill said...

I just added the first one to our netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation!

It was great to see you & Liam in person - and a wonderful surprise to see Dave too!

Julo said...

We love this series. We found it on netflix, too. I wonder if there will be any more available on netflix. Surely whatever's on PBS will make its way over onto DVD....

Michael Kitchen is FANTASTIC. He was also in The Railway Children, which even my kids enjoyed.