Monday, August 11, 2008

New Routine

I. Am. So. Glad...that school is starting up in a mere two weeks! Not for reasons you may think, however. I need my routine back. I need to get up at the same time every morning, have the same breakfast, two kids out the door for public school, chores accomplished and sit at the table by 9:00 am with homeschooling commencing. I need that dull, lame, routine routine. 

This summer vacation has thrown my life into whack and I need it back! Even blogging has lost it's juiciness for me. So I'm going to put some routine into my blog:
Monday - the simple woman daybook
Tuesday - theology
Wednesday - movie reviews
Thursday - miscellaneous 
Friday - food
Saturday - simplicity

So if you look in here throughout the week I will TRY to keep some routine with my posts. It helps me to know what to expect of myself, what direction to go, ideas to work with.

I missed the daybook today - inlaws just left and I have loads of laundry, etc. So tomorrow begins my routine with a theology/spirituality/faith question/issue.

And thanks for stopping by!

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Paul Merrill said...

Always a pleasure to stop by!!

I didn't know of your blogging structure - it was transparent to me. I certainly like structure in my life. But for my blog, anything goes. Maybe that's just out of laziness.