Saturday, August 16, 2008

Simple Saturdays: Fix it

My family loves waffles. I love waffles and used to make them at least every other week on my trusty Fostoria 4-waffle iron. Then it gave up the ghost. I was so disappointed. Devastated. I looked on ebay for  another but with shipping the cost was a bit too high. So I took the thing apart. I googled "how to fix a waffle iron" and came up with some instructions but left it at that. I looked into buying a new iron. But I just couldn't. I was holding out for finding that "fix-it" guy to repair my trusty, old, thrift-store purchased Fostoria. 

Aidan had mentioned to Oma and Opa our lack of waffle consumption since the death of the iron. They had a plan - buy me a new one for my birthday. When they returned from Cyprus Suzanne looked at what was available at Walmart. Not too impressive a selection. I said, "Look, all I want is my Fostoria fixed. I don't want a new iron." 

When we got home I pulled it out of the cupboard and asked my father-in-law to take a look. At first he said, "Nope, can't fix this, not worth it, have no idea what's wrong." But he tinkered with it, pulled out some wires, went to the hardware store, fiddled with elements and....fixed my Fostoria. The next day we had...WAFFLES!

So my simple saturday recommendation is if it's broke - fix it! Don't toss it! Don't make more waste in the landfill, don't spend for a new small appliance. Find someone or teach yourself and fix it!


Paul Merrill said...


I wish more people thought like that. We all give up too easily.

Anonymous said...

I wanna waffle iron!! used, working. . . alas, I'd settle for some of your homemade waffles too! Wait to go!