Monday, August 18, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook - August 18, 2008

Outside my window is a gorgeous day with fantastic, nontypical weather. I love this. It has only hit the high 90s once this summer. I love this. I'm spoiled.

I am thinking the temperature is going to turn up next week!

I am thankful for having my family back together after a summer of most of us being in different parts of the world (Aidan  in Cyprus) or country (Emma in California for the last two weeks, Ian in Eastern IL for the beginning of the Summer)

From the kitchen are breakfast dishes to be washed and cans of garbanzo beans for making falafels tonight! I love homemade falafels. We used to use the Near East powdered mix but found a recipe on line. It's much easier and tastier. I'll be posting it this Friday along with my homemade pita bread recipe.

I am wearing olive capris, black baby doll and my Dr. Martens.

I am reading nothing right now, other than blogs. I'm bad. Haven't cracked a book in two weeks. But school is starting up on Wednesday and Aidan and I will be reading the Count of Monte Cristo together.

I am hoping we find a cheaper running shoe for Emma today. She's joined the Cross Country team in high school and needs better shoes. I know they can be costly and am hoping we find a pair not too costly.

I am hearing Ian strum on the guitar various tunes. I thoroughly enjoy listen to him play. It not only soothes my soul, it makes my heart smile.

I am creating peace and harmony with my children.

Around the house are various hot wheels, RC cars, McDonald happy meal toys which Liam needs to pick up.

On of my favorite things is Mondays. It's Dave's day off so we spend it together, working chores, lounging, shopping, enjoying each other's presence.

A few plans for the rest of the week are to get school started with a bang.

Here is a picture-thought I am sharing with you...will have to come later. I'm having a problem uploading photos on blogger right now. So stay tuned!

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Thia said...

I used to run cross country...believe me, the extra bucks are worth it.
Enjoy the Count. If you've seen the latest movie, just know that there are differences. But both are good.

kadezmom said...

Sounds like a great week, melding back together. What fun stories everyone must have to share.

Julie said...

Emma, you're a superstar! (pron supah stahh) Believe it or not, my short legs ran cross-cntry when I was in 9th grade. I loved it. . .i was never great, but I loved it. Outside, running til you puke, and just outside, even in TX humidity. I just jogged a bit on my long walk the other day in our land of hot & sweaty. My knees are worse for wear, but I'm inspired by Olympics, and now you. Enjoy & help your mom find some great shoes. I agree with Thia. Esp if Emma's feet are full-grown. She could have them for a while! Miss you guys. . .

ps>have a GREAT start to HS, Emma!