Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Ad Which Disturbs Me

There's something about this ad that bothers me. No, not the promises for change and reasonable spending/regulations. No. It comes at the very end...

And put the middle class first again.
If there's a middle class there must be an upper and lower class. If I'm in the middle class then I am not upper or lower class. I find this insulting. Yeah, it's a bit trivial and probably a semantic issue, but I believe middle income vs. lower and upper income are more appropriate terms. Beside the insult I believe Obama's stance is a great impetus to "class" warfare, a them vs. us mentality. I believe Sen. Obama is a millionaire, along with John McCain. So where does he place himself?


Paul Merrill said...

He's all for the average Joe (or Josephine) - no matter what he and his wife make.

Or at least that is what he would have you believe. And McCain would like you to believe that as well, though to a lesser extent.

Paul Merrill said...

("he" being Obama - from the first sentence)