Friday, September 26, 2008

Have You Heard This One?

The more I learn about it the more I am against this proposed bailout. And this latest tidbit just threw me for a loop:
Just heard from several readers that Lindsay Grahamnesty told Fox that the Mother of All Bailouts includes a reported $100 million more in funding for the left-wing housing entitlement thugs and heavily tax-subsidized fraudsters at ACORN. Under the original bailout proposal, apparently, a large portion of any repayment of the $700 billion would go to Barack Obama’s good friends at ACORN with a smaller allocation to debt repayment. Readers heard him say it was 20 percent.
Go to Michelle Malkin's blog for the whole story.
The organization which prospered and cajooled our elected leaders to move in this affirmative-action-driven-buy-the-American-dream-even-if-you-can't-afford-it scheme is going to be awarded MILLIONS by taxpayers, bailing out millions who took out mortgages for more than they could afford. When I also read how the Democratic party pushed through legislature for years which encouraged above mentioned behavior and how now they are blaming the Republicans for not falling hook, line and sinker into this new plan as unpatriotic, I want to scream - HOW CAN ANYONE THINK OF VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN THIS ELECTION?

Excellent report must be viewed...

Yes, yes, Bush has pushed diversity in home ownership. His fiscal policies leave A LOT to be desired. (But as the above report stated he also called Congress to check Fannie and Freddie.) He tells us to spend more as a sign of patriotism. Boosting our economy, making our country strong seems to be based on rampant consumerism and mass-spending. Our country was encouraged to go into debt. And now the jig is up.

There needs to be a plan but not a blind, throw money at it plan. That is no plan, no solution. Also handing the reins to the crew who got us in this mess in the first place -- is that really wise? And what is the deal with recent polls that state Obama could lead better in these economic times over McCain? What? Insanity. His crew, his ideology is what got our country in this mess. There is no change with this guy. It's the same old fat-cat game.

I applaud John McCain for returning to Washington D.C. He is afterall, still the senator of Arizona. He still has work to be done in that capacity. Barack Obama seems to need to be told by his president where his place is - serving his country and not merely his campaign.
What has Barack Obama said?
Obviously it's pretty frustrating for Democrats having seen the mismanagement that's been taking place over the last several years to feel like we've got to step in and get something done," he told CBS. "But that's how I think many of us feel, that we can't worry about how we got here. Now we've got to take some serious steps."

"It's important not to inject presidential politics into this," Obama said. "My preference is to use the phone ... in a way that's not a photo op because I think that sometimes prevents things from getting done.
If we can't wory about how we got here we won't get out because the same policies will just keep us trapped in a pre-neo-socialist cycle.


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.... and to think Mrs. McGavren was worried about you b/c you belonged to Greenpeace.

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