Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Update: I just realized that the title of this entry may assume I do not appreciate Mr. Levin's broadcast. Quite the opposite! I meant to convey that there are lies out there purporting the cause of this economic meltdown to fall solely on the shoulders of the Bush Administration. There are plenty of lies out there but as you listen you'll learn where fault does lie.

You're not going to hear this from Charlie Gibson's mouth, nor Katie Couric's or Brian Williams. It's not going to be reported by the main stream media. I haven't heard this before but I'm glad I did today. I pass it on to you (h/t the anchoress). Mark Levin is hard to listen to - yells a lot, derogatory and not the most pleasant sounding voice - but what he reports is important to hear. So, please, please, take the time to listen. It's over a hour long.

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