Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate Reaction

The MSM is spinning it a win for Obama. We must have been watching a different debate. I'll concede the first question to Sen. Obama. I wished, wished, wished Sen. McCain threw back in Sen. Obama's face the facts behind this economic meltdown - that the Democratic party and their greedy earmarking, special interests and blind affirmative action led us in this downfall.

Just an an aside - I wrote a note to Sen. Obama a few weeks ago challenging his support of Planned Parenthood - fiscally and missionally. He replied within 24 hours (yeah, it was an aide and not a letter from the man himself, I realize) that his support for Planned Parenthood would continue because):
All women, regardless of the State in which they reside or ability to pay, deserve access to reproductive services. In most cases, these clinics are the sole source of family planning for the women they serve. We can and must do more to ensure that every woman in our country has equal access to quality family planning services, and Title X is a step in the right direction.

I then sent a reply, understanding his support but questioning his BLIND tax support when PP is running such heinous programs as teenwire and takecaredownthere. No reply. This seems to be a Democratic strategy - throw money at it but don't follow up with accountability.

I also wish when these candidates would quite relying on overused soundbites. I wish McCain would quit calling himself a maverick and let others do it. I wish McCain would lay into Obama the senselessness of raising taxes on businesses, the call for greater regulations because they will only lead to business moving themselves out of our country (taking jobs) to places with lower taxes. McCain sited Ireland. Brilliant point but he needs to make it stronger.

Sen. Obama's "I've got a bracelet too" was priceless. I think it typifies the difference between these two men - one leads the other follows. Even the return to Washington was lead by McCain and a day later (and a dollar short) Obama followed. That is what was clear in this debate. McCain is a man of conviction, experience, relationships, and integrity. Obama is new to the scene, well-studied, and a party-man. I think it was clear who holds the victory. But I am biased.


Rev Kim said...

Found your blog via "A Classical Presbyterian." You're posting some great stuff.

When I've read reports that Obama won the debate, I too wondered if I was watching the same debate, and I wish McCain would hit back harder on causes of the economic meltdown. This was GHWB's shortcoming in '92 - the economy was coming back but he didn't make that case strongly enough. Clinton's attack on the poor economy stuck.

McCain was outstanding. I got seriously mad at Fox News' "undecided" group in LV whom they interviewed post-debate. Where on earth did they find these people! One person complained that McCain never talked about the economy, not foreign policy. Didn't this person *know* this was a foreign policy debate?

Sadly, the post-debate polls show Obama's growing, which makes me so very disheartened.

Sorry for the long comment and rant - it's just nice to find a kindred spirit out here in cyberspace!

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Thanks Rev. for visiting. I'm a bit anxious for the debate this Thursday and somehow feel the election will be made that night.