Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Feast: Sausage Bolognese

\I love cooking magazines. I have recently been using two magazines for planning our weekly menu. My favorite cooking magazine is BBC Good Food.
It's a British mag and I can only get it at Barnes and Noble or Borders and it's not cheap - $8.99! So I don't get one every month but when I do I try to cook through as many recipes as possible. I made this last week.
And this two weeks ago.
This past week I made the Sausage Bolognese from the July issue. It's easy and something I've made before in another manifestation. But this recipe called for one ingredient I never added - red wine! And that made all the difference. This is a good recipe. Ian praised it, along with Dave. Emma, of course, had nothing to do with it - vegetarian. Aidan, well, he's rather picky and sausage just isn't his cup of tea. But it is good. Just click on the picture below to see a larger version of the recipe. Enjoy!

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