Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wednesday Review: Sarah Palin

I am so excited about the Republican ticket!

I heard of Sarah Palin months ago when posted her story. It intrigued  and compelled me. Here was a political leader whose experience, values, and life-style were similar to mine. Here was  a politician who could understand my day-to-day  ins-and-outs and put power and action behind my hopes and dreams for the country. I appreciate her as a candidate because unlike any other person on any other ticket she is most like me.  I couldn't say this for Hillary Clinton.

When I saw her family standing up there after her acceptance speech I thought, "Whoa, these guys are in for a major life change!" My heart and mind were filled with concerned. If the Republicans win this  the Palins are moving from Alaska to Washington D.C. Mr. Palin will not be working the North Shore, nor snow machine racing around the Beltway. The Palin children will be separated from friends, probably family and all support and comfort they take for granted. I assume this has been discussed in family meetings and all are on board with mom's direction. I assume they prayed. I assume they heard God's voice in all this. And because I know they pray and I know what the enemy is like (let alone the U.S. media!) I feel compelled to pray for this family. 

I pray that they lean on His ways, His understanding. I pray they ask for His wisdom - He has promised to provide. I see David with Goliath, Solomon with leading Israel, or Esther in approaching the king and know he places individuals in positions of great power and possibility by His hand and sovereignty. I pray they have a wise and strong support network that will keep family issues inside the family, provide wise counsel and strong shoulders to lean upon. I pray for Sarah and Todd's marriage to become stronger, deeper, not holding back and keeping secrets from one another, leaning on each other when the other questions, doubts, or struggles. I pray their spiritual guidance leans wholly on His wisdom and only speaks when the Holy Spirit directs. I pray the children will keep their hearts and minds open to their parents. When they are hurt, angry, or doubt His goodness they will turn to mom and dad. I pray for Ms. Palins resolve and conviction to remain true and faithful to the Lord. I pray she would recognize temptations and shout out, "Get thee behind me!" and that she would humbly seek His face daily, recognizing that it is the King of Kings who puts people such as her in positions of power and authority and to not put her faith in princes/leaders.

And now, after I though all this through I felt convicted that I need to be doing this exact same thing for McCain, Obama and Biden. All these leaders need our prayers, desperately. If we come alongside our leaders with prayer, regardless of their party or their platform, I wonder how our politics as usual would change. Don't you. So keep me accountable and I'll do this same - pray for our leaders and the leader to come.


Suzanne said...

Amen....and amen!

Julie said...

Great blog, friend! Praying with you, but honestly, nudged to do more. It's one thing to be praying w/for our fasting friends, and another to lift up folks I get so frustrated with, but are still our leaders/or potential ones. Always interesting to sort of 'watch' these races from so far away, but we're excited. Sarah Palin & I are '64 buddies!

you're still one of my heroes! Keep praying—I will too. Thanks for all you share in this realm. Miss you-xoxo