Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Twisted Tuesday: Revealing the warped and twisted thoughts in my brain

Do you think the media will cease their banal attacks on Sarah Palin and her family. The wide-spread diversity of the blogosphere, print media and television seem to be all over the story of her family and little coverage about the facts over Ms. Palin's tour of duty as mayor and governor. This is one reason I am so, so cynical when it comes to believing what I read or see in journalism these days. So much editorializing, so little fact checking, so much fascination with trivia and the popular.  This is one reason I daily check newsbusters.org. It provides a bit of fact checking and reveals biases on news stories. Sometimes they are a wee bit nit picky with their reviews and I just don't get their criticism. I am thankful in our day we do have the internet to check facts quickly.

On another note, to remind us it's a big world out there and not all about us...yesterday Ramadan began. Muslims fast during daylight hours and spend more time in prayer. As Christians we can do the same - praying Muslims would know the great grace and mercy the Lord has for them through Jesus Christ. www.30-days.net has ways to pray.

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