Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally! A NonPolitical Entry!

I'm holding my tongue.

Lots has been going on with our family. Ian and I have been to the doctors about a dozen times in the past few weeks. I've had my yearly check-ups, blood tests and my first mammogram. About time too! Good reports all around.

Ian's knee, on the other hand, has busted. During football practice, about six weeks ago, the knee came out of place, then popped back in. He wore a brace for about two weeks and was given a clean bill of health. The day he started back at practice he was hit hard and this time the meniscus tore along with ligament and cartilage. He also fractured the knee-cap. Back to X-rays and an MRI revealed the necessity of surgery. We met with a recommended surgeon for a second opinion. He agreed with the initial diagnosis. Ian's scheduled for surgery on November 13th. He'll take the Thursday and Friday off from school and be back, on crutches, on Monday. The crutches should last two weeks with therapy. In three months he'll be able to walk/run without the brace and in six months back into sports. That takes us to the end of the school year so the Summer will allow activity.

Which leads us to college! We've started the application process, looking a Denver University, Washington University (St. Louis), and Notre Dame. College applications (along with the knee surgery) are new areas for our family. So there's much thought-processing going on in the Moody household.


Paul Merrill said...

Very sorry about Ian's knee!!

As to his college - we vote for DU, of course. We'd love to see more of the Moodys!

Suzanne said...

Besides much thought going on also much prayer from Oma and Opa!

Courtney Orrange said...

yeah send him to DU and then you'll have to come and visit!!!