Monday, October 27, 2008

In Case My Few Yet Very Special Readers Haven't Seen This...

...the latest buzz in political circles is this NPR interview with Barack Obama from 2001. It reveals Sen. Obama's misunderstandings over our constitution and his vision for the United States. But somehow I don't think people either care, or understand the implications and how this is counter to our constitution. I don't think it'll take away his edge in the polls. And it'll be a sad day on November 4th. And I am not a racist!

Eventually, Socialists run out of other peoples’ money….” Margaret Thatcher


Rev Kim said...

This is so shocking! I think you're right that it won't make a difference. I heard a conservative commentator say that maybe losing this election is exactly what the Republican party needs to wake itself up and get back to being Reagan Republicans. But even that is not lessening my fear of Obama/Pelosi/Reid and where they will take our country.

Re: your "I am not a rascist" comment. I feel like I've been making a disclaimer, too, saying that "I'm not stupid, I don't lack compassion, and I don't hate women" for my support of McCain/Palin.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Yes, Kim. It is distressing. Minds are made up. I know mine is so maybe I can't condemn anyone else for being unwaverable?