Friday, October 03, 2008


Just a quick survey of Fox, ABC, CBS, Drudge...those who support Obama believe Biden won and those who support McCain believe Palin won. What a shock!!!

It seems a little ridiculous to even talk about who wins these debates. These aren't debate teams. I'd rather hear who spun the most, who lied the most, who cut through the bull the most.

We watched the debate on PBS and the pundits afterwards - my goodness - if they weren't in the tank for Obama! Their biggest critique of Palin was her "folksiness" and colloquialisms. What snobbery! 

It was an excited debate, in my opinion. Biden spewed too many numbers and a couple times Palin did resort to soundbites and cliches but it mostly proved that Palin is her own woman, strong, knowledgable, and the biggest opportunity for change for the same old game plan in Washington D.C.

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