Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Perspective and Prayer

I recommend for your reading pleasure and conviction Paul Merrill's latest entry. Sets your mind right!

Also, Ian is set for knee surgery this Thursday (12:15 pm, central time). Could you pray?


Viola said...

I will be praying

Paul Merrill said...

Thanks for the mention, Barb.

We will pray about Ian's surgery.

And I love your new masthead!

Julie said...

Barb, what's up with Ian? Is this from playing football? We're praying. Good to be several hours ahead of you guys in that regard.

Still loving your blog. Good words about prayer from you (last post) and Paul's post on perspective.

I didn't know the word masthead, but yeah, I like it too. Thanks for staying creative!

Can you come over for tea or how about Thanksgiving? miss you guys