Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanks for Your Prayers

Surgery went well. No mishaps. Everything went smoothly. Now it's recovering time. Ian's getting a wee bit impatient - wanting to shower, serve himself, tired of wearing nothing but gym shorts....
He begins therapy on Monday. He has to wear an intense brace for 2 weeks - constantly, except during therapy - which is aggravating for him. 

Our car is back. Remember the deer incident? Well, the car wasn't totaled, just shy of being totaled.  Looking forward to driving out the Indiana for Thanksgiving - to enjoy the holiday with the coolest family!

Next week I'm attending a retreat/conference called the Great Banquet. It is akin to retreats like Crusillo Walk/Emmaus Road. Dave and 4 other men from our church attended 3 weeks ago. Now it is the ladies' turn. 

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Paul Merrill said...

Glad Ian's surgery turned out well.

And I hope the retreat is renewing. (I could use one of those!)