Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President, Same Rants

I'm a little agitated today. About half way through the afternoon I captured my feelings and recalled I felt the same on November 4th...a little sad, a little depressed. I am thankful we live in a country that does embrace the peaceful transition from one party to another. I am thankful that each eligible citizen has a vote, and it counts. I am thankful that we can voice our frustrations, expectations, wants, desires, appreciations and opinions without fear of recrimination. But I am still sad. And the more I understand why, a little mad.

I watched the inauguaration. I was more depressed after Pres. Obama's speech. It wasn't exactly uplifting and inspiring. It was rather condemning and foreboding. I was mad after the crowd's reactions to out-going Pres. Bush. Still some citizens deem it necessary to blast him with their negativity and insults. And on a day like today. Totally unnecessary.

The exercise of prayer is needed in my life.


Thia said...

Bottom line (as far as yesterday goes) is that there's a double standard. If a republican had someone give a benediction as was done yesterday, they'd get flammed. If the outgoing president was a democrat and treated as Bush was yesterday, republicans would be flammed. And now I will get off the soapbox before things get sudsy!

Rick said...

The crowds reaction was very upsetting to me too. Pres. Bush deserved more respect. I will always appreciate this great man.

Suzanne said...

Did you see President Bush's speech when he landed in Midland? I thought it was great! History will show what kind of man he is.