Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking at the Bright Side

Why is it stuff breaks down? It's a fact of life - bad stuff happens. You can't get away from it, you can't avoid it. And sometimes bad stuff happens on top of bad stuff. It accumulates, like dog hairs on your favorite black sweater.

Our washing machine stopped working yesterday - in the midst of a rinse cycle. Well, I stand correcting, prior to the rinse cycle starting. So, the machine is full, extra-full, of water, and towels. It could have ceased to work after the rinsing was done. But no...with a machine full of water.

After huffing and puffing, grumbling and stewing I decided to shrug off my grumpy response by looking at the bright side - this was my final load for the day. It was a load of towels I didn't NEED washed but thought since I was on a roll of washing, best get it done. So in a optimistic way this couldn't have happened at a better time - I'm caught up on laundry, no need to worry and we have money in the bank (because I decided to do that Dave Ramsey thing and save up bucks for emergencies).

Looking at the bright side eases my blood pressure and calms my conversation and thoughts. It takes me a while to get to te sunny-side of the street. But it's worth the trip.

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