Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bright Side

So I'm giving up coffee for Lent. I thought about starting on Tuesday so that Wednesday the headache wouldn't be as strong. But then I thought I'd enjoy 2, 3, maybe 4 cups of Italian roast with my favorite half and half throughout the day. So I brewed a large pot. I went to the fridge for the cream and... shake, shake, shake...about 1 T. left in the bottle!!! One of my children, who shall remain anonymous, enjoyed HER daily cup of sweet, milky tea before leaving for school!!! So instead of the cupS of coffee I had 1/2 a cup.

Now my new mantra is "Brighter Side" so I thought how this situation was really a good thing. I am starting my detox early. I chose not to grumble and pout but be glad that now the temptation to indulge is gone. It is a good thing. It is a good day.

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