Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Exclusive Club

Jenna and Barbara Bush welcome Malia and Sasha Obama to the White House with a gracious letter and encouraged them to cherish this club they have entered. It got me thinking about clubs I may have inadvertantly joined. What clubs have you entered, or could, simply because of your birthright, experiences or life choices?

My birthright clubs:
The first on either side of parents born in the U.S.A. Club
The 3 sisters and 1 brother Club
The 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Irish Club

Experience/choices Clubs:
The pastor's wives Club
The pastor's wives  who never imagined they would be pastor's wives Club
The women in their mid-40s giving birth for the 4th time Club
The homeschooling and public schooling Club
The movers from suburbia to rural America Club
The have your 2nd trimester pre-natal exam in India Club
The experience your 25th birthday in two days because you crossed the international dateline on your birthday Club

What are your exclusive clubs?


Paul Merrill said...

The "expat" club - having lived overseas. (Whenever we get together with those who have also lived overseas, we usually end up talking about shared similar experiences.)

Marti said...

Perhaps the "expat" club, like many of the "mom" clubs, is not so small as it is a factor that unites the members to one another and separates them from others?

I'm impressed with the number of very small clubs you belong to, Barb!

Glad to see you blogging about daily-life topics, Barb - always enjoy your perspective!

Here are some not too exclusive, but meaningful and club-ish groups to which I belong:

- Transplanted Northwesterners
- Fraternal twins
- People who read all the time
- Mission mobilizers / Calebites
- Single women in the church/missions
- Women who are turned off by things designed to appeal to women
- People who raise support
- People who don't consider raising support a necessary evil, but a privilege and blessing
- People who love a good sentence
- Evangelicals who are Democrats
- People who took up exercise past age 35 and think being able to run a mile and a half is darn impressive!
- People who find mobile phones a nuisance (mine, more than other people's) but think they ought to have one anyway.

And, finally...
- People who comment on blogs :-)

Viola Larson said...

Here is a small club, mother of six gone back to school to get her degree, and mother of six and a few grandchildren gone back to school to get her masters. Mother of six woith many grandchildren tried for a Masters in Theology but after 37 units decided she needed more time to write about what she wanted to write about.

Barb said...

That's some title Viola.

I think I'd like to join your people who think mobile phones are a nuisance club, Marti.

Anonymous said...

My club is "too many of my friends live faraway" club.

I think I'll invite Marti out to lunch. Wanna fly in Barb?


Marti said...

Clubs I would LOVE to join but don't seem to qualify for...
- People who can fall asleep anywhere, e.g., on airplanes
- People who always know the right thing to say

What about you?

Barb said...

You're right about those wannabe clubs. I would love to be a part of the ready, witty and articulate at any time Club