Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pass it and Pass it NOW ---- NOT!!

A return to what was....is it possible? 

The Democrat's plan is to pump money into the economy through various means and methods. Lending money, starting government projects which would create jobs (however temporary), repair and overhaul roads and bridges (again, temporary jobs) and restructure or reform current methods of healthcare, education, etc. This will hopefully brings back the good ol' rip roarin' economic boom. 

Really? Will it return? Should it? Can it? Like the "housing bubble" in California (when the housing market was over-inflating the value) is this Stimulus package trying to create (or re-create) something that was unrealistic in the first place? During the '80s it was the tech boom - tech companies value over-reached and then corrected itself. Now we have the housing market.

What scares me the most during these days of threats of doom and gloom is the requirement that all this must happen NOW! In order to be patriotic, bi-partisan, logical, rational, level-headed....we are told this must happen NOW! No more talk, no more hashing and re-hashing. That time is past. Pass it and pass it now.

But wait...

How many of our elected representatives have actually read this thing? How many have blown past the rhetoric to see where this monopoly money is coming from and where it is going. How many have worked through the long-term (20-30-40 years) ramifications of this bill? Many, I think not. And as the days pass and the vote still hangs in the balance it gives more time for some actual reading - which is what scares the composers of this bill.

Yes, we need a plan, a direction. But any plan is not a good plan. We need a better plan. Rash decisions are dumb decisions. 

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