Friday, March 20, 2009

Fearful feelings

Okay, I'm not so much fearful as I am apprehensive to discuss my feelings about this administration. But I am so frustrated, so angry, so annoyed, so ticked-off and really wonder what I can do about their incompetency and short-sighted idiocy. I've written my congressmen and the president. My opinions hold no sway. I attended the St. Louis Tea Party, which revealed to myself how I am not a demonstrative, picketing person. But this AIG bonus blow-up has just ticked me off. No, not that these executives received bonuses but that Congress and even our president our "Acting" stunned that the executives would receive bonuses. You see, it was in the bill that our congress and our president signed that the executives would receive these bonuses. They knew. They knew weeks ago. (Or perhaps they didn't know because no body read it! And that's even more infuriating!) And now they "ACT" all indignant and high and mighty. It's bull. Pure, simple bull. And it keeps coming. They're rhetoric is tiring and insincere.

But what I'm fearful about is this report that apparently if I harbor these feelings of disgust I could be considered a domestic terrorist. I wonder if the White House, in it's recent display of going after individual commentators/journalists, is searching for other disgruntled citizens. Is there a congressional watch-dog group ready to round-up those who speak ill of their efforts through letter-writing, blogging, attending demonstrations, etc?  What is a concerned citizen to do? Thomas Paine said we need Common Sense. Some guy pretending to be Thomas Paine brings it to the 21st century.

Shephard Smith had a great reaction. Thankfully he's on the air and heard by millions.

To end, I am not fearful. My hope is in the One who holds all governments. He is the beginning and the end. He loves His creation. He loves me. His ways are for my good and when I fall into them I live in peace and contentment regardless of the situations around me. I trust in Jesus.


Anonymous said...

"You see, it was in the bill that our congress and our president signed that the executives would receive these bonuses."

If you mean President Bush, then yes, you're right. The AIG bailout was from the first round of TARP funding during the end of his administration.

There's plenty of blame to go around here, but you should check your facts.

Barb said...

Regardless of which administration signed this, congress is acting oblivious to what they (should have) knew because they signed on (and that includes those who were senators and are now something else).

Reformed in Herrin said...

Anonymous needs to check his facts.

"A defiant Sen. Chris Dodd defended his actions on bonuses for AIG executives...

Dodd, a Democrat from Connecticut, said officials at the Treasury Department led him to believe that the changes added to the $787 billion economic stimulus bill, shortly before its final passage were merely "technical and innocuous" in nature."

When attacked by a Liberal please remember the general rule: Liberals Lie!

Reformed in Herrin said...

The link Anonymous cites makes clear that the bush Administration contemplated paying bonuses.

They were confirmed and paid by action of Obama Administration bureaucrats in the emergency spending bill.

lambofHisflock said...

Hey... this is leanerlamb/lambofHisflock... and I have usually followed you on your blog, I'm Typical... but came over to check this blog out.. and guess what? I was at the St Louis tea party also! Cool. Small world!

I haven't seen you posting for a couple of days on your other blog.. hope all is going well.

God bless.

Barb said...

Thanks lamb. Our computer is down and my husband is going to the apple store this morning so I'm typing with one finger on his iPod. I will get back to recording my diet tomorrow although it has not been going well! Are you going to the 15th tea party? I hope to.

lambofHisflock said...

I am glad you are ok.. and it is a computer problem. I know you can get back on track.. you have done SO well.

I am definitely going to A tea party on the 15th.. I don't know which one though. I am in Central IL and there are going to be some closer than St Louis, so I don't know where we will go. If we go to St Louis we will have to arrange to meet.