Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was so inspired by the cooking in Julie and Julia I made bruschetta for dinner tonight.

It was goood! Homemade bread. Fresh Cherries. Assorted Cheeses. Spanish Wine.
Emma's homemade ice cream and cherry cobbler finished this most perfect meal.


Suzanne said...

Ummmm. Yummmm. Hope to see you soon!

Julie said...

you're killing me! The girls &I saw the film last night. . .haven't read your post about that yet. We loved it too! And I must say I thought of you & your husband often while we were enjoying the show! It was great seeing Aidan—miss the rest of y'all!

RandomThoughts said...

Oh I want that cobbler! I want to see the movie too, but right now I'll settle for fresh berry cobbler.