Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Celebrate Your 20th Anniversary

We went to see the movie Julie and Julia.

But Dave wanted to get out of town way before the movie started so we drove up to Shiloh, Dave pecked on a burrito from Qdoba and then we test-drove a 2009 VW Jetta with absolutely no intentions to buy (personally I think VW has sold out their original low-cost, everyman's car philosophy and become a B+ rated Mercedes). We then went to the movie which...


I've seen two other movies this summer: Transformers 2 and Harry Potter. The first was a major disaster and the second was disappointing. Julie and Julia was a delight. The best parts of the film were between Julia and her husband Paul (and Stanley Tucci ain't so bad to look at - ohh, bald men!) Their relationship was so tender and uplifting (yes, it's a movie and in reality they were probably more "real").

Both women (Julia Child and Julie Powell) were innovators, pioneers and I greatly admire that. Dave and I love to describe ourselves as amateur foodies and this film fulfilled all the necessary requirements. Now, when you go to see it, go hungry and either plan to eat right after. I mean, immediately. Or..before going to the movie (if you're intending to come home after) purchase a nice bottle or two of wine, some fine baguettes, brie, grapes, maybe some fine pancetta, salami or the like and have it ready for you when you get home. This movie will make you hungry. And not hungry for the ordinary. Hungry for the fine, the delicate, the meant-to-be-savored cuisine saved for those romantic dates or birthday parties (at least in our house).

This was a great movie and Meryl Streep is Julia Child. I couldn't believe this was the same woman who played a crotchety nun in Doubt and a free-spirited ex-hippie in Mama Mia. Just incredible. And like I said, Stanley Tucci (though not an actor I would place on a top 10 list for good looks) exudes sexiness.

On a similar note..I made bread this week. Not just ordinary bread. On YouTube is a short news clip (I think from a New York City TV station) of some chef demonstrating his fool-proof bread recipe. I viewed this about two years ago and vowed to make it. Well, two years later I did and let me tell you it is awesome bread. If you love, love, love the taste and texture of bakery-fresh artisan bread you must make this. And it is so easy. Although I did follow the suggestions given by the many commenters (such as letting the bread rise a second time and oil the bowl). I would also add my own suggestion, at least for my oven, bake with the lid off for only 5-7 minutes, not 15. Here's a picture (which you can't smell or taste so it doesn't really do the bread justice!).Bon Apetit!


Viola Larson said...

Thanks Barb-some of my daughters and granddaughters are going to see this with me this evening. We will have dessert after at one of our favorite places the Tower cafe. That is one of the things left from the origional Tower records, books etc.

Suzanne said...

Great write up Barbie, John and I agree wholeheartedly. We really liked the movie too. I commented that it was such a great love story. John kept elbowing me on all the cooking techniques that were discussed. He's read one of her books! So glad you had a good evening and I think John would agree on your assessment of VW's. And you know we've had a few in our life time.