Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Loss of a Family Member

Ian and Whitney at High School graduation

Today we are driving Ian three hours away to leave him at his place of residency for, likely, four more years. He begins his university-adventure. He has yet to declare a major but is fiddling between engineering and political science. Oh, the school -- Eastern Illinois University in Charleston. We have already (actually made these plans in April!) made plans for his room. The dinner table will not be the same. We are all a bit sad and grieving. Cards and gifts are appreciated.


Suzanne said...

Cards and gifts for you or for him? -:)
You'll miss him and he'll miss you but this is what we prepare them for. Thankful for the way you've prepared him to meet this challenge. It's not really a "loss" it's a change. Praying for all of you.

Viola Larson said...

I'm sitting here at the computer with a granddaughter and husband in my front bed-room waiting for my second great grandchild. Don't get too use to that empty room. They have ways of getting filled.

RandomThoughts said...

Oh, have I ever been there, done that. It is so hard to see them grow up, even when we've been working toward that very goal--their independence--for 18 years! A hug for you in this time of major transition.